In Japan, wine has become a common drink, but 90% is

people drink wine in the price range of about  3,000-5,000 yen.

The level of our wine is about 3-5% of the Japanese market.

The target is the wealthy (lawyers, doctors, company presidents, etc.).

Of the 3-5% wine, French wine tightens about 80%. The remaining 20%

Fight fine wines from Australia, New Zealand and Italy.

As you can see, I think California wine has a good aroma and taste.

However, this is only a favorite of the people who drink it.

As for our company, the target to be purchased, targeting the place to drink, steady sales

in the future. In particular, the Resort Trust Group’s luxury member-only hotels (admission fee US$20-50million) for restaurants, but Japanese sommeliers are also

Most of the time I choose French wine.

Even so, I put California wine in such a place and fight it.

Little by little, it has penetrated, but there is still a long way to go.

In addition, the restaurant does not buy the wine that has been released now. After all, the time of drinking Vintage

Since you buy, the stock burden of the importer is not half-finished.

The current inventory value is approximately $500,000. interest burden and warehouse volume, and the surplus

in the future.

When you drink California wine, it’s about 10 years in a good Cabernet.

Then, it is time when the wine of the time when I started sells finally.

Sometimes the owner of the winery tells me. ”Can’t you sell more?” What’s business?

That’s right. I’m sorry that I don’t understand the situation in Japan.

Business is from now on. First of all, in the market, priority is given to being recognized.

in the future. I went to a restaurant with only French wine many times and managed to

It is a steady work of having you turn on the wine list. Anyway, wine rubber

It’s important to put wine within sight of it, and don’t raise awareness of California wine.

we believe that it will be necessary to do so. Importers are also business-like. In the market,

Just increase the number of wines that sell. The big importers sold wines from various countries.

in the future. A huge list of restaurants, how to choose and buy wine

Is it? We only sell a limited selection of wines.

It is an environment that is easy to choose even in the restaurant.

Recently, even in the world at night, our wines are attracting attention, and other liquor stores are purchased directly from the United States. However, it is purchased, ignoring our company of the Japanese distributor, knowing the wine, such as bar where we put the wine.

I’m basically a night world (so-called women are clubs that serve and serve and serve alcohol)

we do not currently supply them. Opus One, etc., about 150,000 yen / book,

It is provided. Therefore, we are starting to look for wines that are cheaper, more delicious and generally not available in other stores than Opus One. Therefore, if it sells to such a place, it may become sales of about 200 bottles/month. The boom will end in 3-5 months. However, if you think of it as a business, you may choose to sell it.

Until now, I have been selling the wines we handle like my own child. I don’t want to hurt the pride of wine. I want to improve my brand.

For the general public, please join the winery’s mailing list and

we are working to I think both users and wineries are happy.

However, people who can’t speak English, people who have trouble with procedures, and people who want to buy from me, in Japan,

In addition, the For such people, we sell it by our web sales.

I would like Japanese people to make an effort to make it easier for Japanese people to purchase them directly.

You can buy it in Japanese menu like Opus One, and you can ship Japanese wine directly.

it is a stem. In the future, we aim to be a system that can play more role.

There is a picture, too. It takes time and the cost of building the system.

I think that it is about ten years if I can work well. In the meantime, we’re going to have to deal with it.

we would like to contribute to the wineries who are I think that there is a difference in the way of thinking.

we think that it is always necessary to exchange opinions.

I would like to provide more information to the winery. To the Japanese people,

I want to deliver it on the WEB as soon as possible. But at present, from the winery

It is difficult to get information. (Situation at the winery: flowering of grapes, Harvest

if you can always update your photos and comments, such as tastings,

I think you can get to know wineries and wines.

The Japanese said that it was simple, for example, that some of the celebrities drank wine and were delicious.

the wine will sell out all at once.

For example, in the United States, a winery offered wine to Mr. Ohtani of baseball and received comments.

Then, what will happen? In Japan, we rush to our company and sell out, right?

Tennis Nishikori, Osaka, and so on. In order to sell explosively, such a promotion is necessary.

It is important.

We request that wineries visit Japan and hold winemakers-dinner. Again, this has an impact. Of course, it costs a lot of money to the winery, but I and my customers are happy who came in the mood for sightseeing in Japan. I want you to continue for at least three years. (Please check the details)


Representative: Makoto Tanaka