I myself study California wine back 20 years ago. In Japan, when it comes to wine, it was French wine. But for me, the standard is French wine.

There was astringency, and it was not a drink that I wanted to drink. One time, at an acquaintance’s bar, I was surprised at how delicious the red wine I drank was, and the taste that went through silky’s throat.

The wine seems to have been the second wine of a famous winery, and it was The Maiden.

In other words, Harlan Estate’s second wine.

At that time, I caught fire against California wine.

And, it visited the winery suddenly. (without appointment)

Moreover, it is harvest time, and it is a busy time for the winery.

Because it was harvest time, the gate of the winery was opened automatically, and it rushed in.

Then one person came out and asked, “What did you come here to do?” When asked, I knew it was a wonderful wine, and I told him that I came from Japan. I also brought a souvenir of sake from Japan. The person was able to guide me for only 15 minutes, and he showed me the fields, wineries, tasting rooms, etc., and finally gave me a business card and said, “Tanaka-san,

The next time you come, please make an appointment and then visit me.”

It was 15 minutes that I was impressed. Later, when he looked into it, Bill Harlan seemed to have hired bill Harlan as the director of Bond Estate at a sister winery, pulling out the master sommelier who worked at French Laundry. His name was Paul Roberts, and from that time he became a friend. Unfortunately, Harlan Estate’s wine was handled by Nakagawa Wine, a long-established importer. Under such circumstances, the study of wine of Napa began.

It is a community similar to Kyoto in Japan, and I felt a world that seemed to refuse at first glance.

Of course, there are many open wineries.

Among them, I met Staglin’s wife (Shari-san), and with the connection from there, I was introduced to that, and I was able to meet various people, visited various wineries that I would not normally enter, and studied.

Ten years have passed since I realized that we started selling wine from wineries. Since cult wines up to now are almost handled by long-established importers,

I visit a new winery twice a year (February and September)

We conducted a survey, met with wine officials, got information, and worked with the wineries we are dealing with now.

Through wine, i was taught a lot by people who have become friends, and it was a chance that changed the life of a whole semiconductor material.  After selling my main business in M&A, I will enjoy my pension life and wine.

Representative: Makoto Tanaka